Best Camping Destinations in Manali: 10 Summer Camping Sites

From being a favorite destination for most people to a couple’s paradise, and an abode

From being a favourite destination for most people to a couple’s paradise, and an abode for the ones looking for adventure, there’s a lot more when it comes to the best camping destinations in Manali or best summer camping sites in Manali. Here’s a guide to camping in Manali.

Best Camping Destinations

1. Solang Valley

Perched above the mesmerizing valley of Kullu, it is the marvellous camping site which is located 14 kilometers up from the city center. Undoubtedly, the paradise for the adventure seekers, the time spent in one of the best summer camping sites in Manali offers cable-car rides, paragliding, skiing, and other sports.

Solang Valley

2. Beas River

Being a combination of majestic hills, lush nature, Himalayan-views, and gushing streams, camping will never be better than the camp near this river. Beas River serves as one of the best sites in Manali if you are looking for something unusual.

Beas River

3. Tirthan Valley

It is considered as the secret of the Himachal Pradesh which is adorned with picturesque views. It is perfect to enjoy the nature views along with some adventure. The place is also famous for adventure.

Tirthan Valley

4. Sethan

If you are someone who loves offbeat traveling, then this is the camp for you. Lying in the middle of the restricted zones, this option is perfect among the best camping destinations in Manali. The place is 800m above Manali and offers a breath-taking view of the Kullu valley.


5. Kothi Village

The proximity to the highway of Spiti, Lahaul, and Leh, this place doesn’t need any introduction. Located 16 kilometers away from Manali, the village offers enthralling views of the gorge.

Kothi Village

6. Tentsville Camping

It is situated in the district of Bhanupal in Kullu and is considered to be one of the best summer camping sites in Manali. It is a mixture of both luxury and adventure. Located in the middle of the mountains, the camp is nearby wildlife, tall pine trees, waterfalls, and valleys.

Tentsville Camping

7. Village Sarsai

The camp is situated on the bypass, only 20-minute drive from Manali. Amidst the lush green lawns are the campsite’s luxurious houses. It is known the best for its greenery, peaceful environment, and mountains covered with snow.

Village Sarsai

8. Haripur

It is another place where you can experience a luxurious stay. The place is perfect for those who wish to spend a night under a tent but find it difficult to come out of their comfort zone. You don’t need to worry; the place has all the answers.


9. Hidimba Devi Temple

The place is located only a few kilometers away from the temple are cozy and comfortable sites for those seeking luxury on rough terrain. You get a chance to enjoy hotel-like experience at the site.

Hidimba Devi Temple

10. Kia Camps

The camps are situated on picturesque and stunning landscapes making a trip to mountains worth it. The camps offer various adventure activities such as rappelling, trekking, etc.

Kia Camps

Can’t wait to experience these sites? Enjoy the stay in one of the best camping destinations in Manali and enjoy the best of the place on a hassle-free holiday.

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