Camping Tips in India

From this fast-paced life, everybody seeks a break. Relaxing in the lap of nature could be the best way for that.

From this fast-paced life, everybody seeks a break. Relaxing in the lap of nature could be the best way for that. And for this, nothing can be better than Camping. In camping, as you will be away from proper shelter, it involves many important things to keep in mind like tents, travel, safety and many more. Here, we will help you with some tips and guidelines to follow to make your camping trip safe and enjoyable.

  • Hygiene: This is the most important thing to keep in mind when you go out (or even when you are at home). Try to keep your clothes and body clean. Keep sanitizers, clean cloth, cotton, etc, always handy. Never use any perfumed clothing or lotions or perfumes itself, as they attract bugs. And you will definitely not want to be bitten by any.
  • Beware of Bugs: While setting up a tent or any shelter, beware of bugs and insects. Carry a bug or insect repellent. In addition to repellents, wear long pants and shirts. This would be the ideal clothing. Also, keep all your edible items above ground level to keep it away from insects.
  • Careful of getting lost: Sometimes, travellers lose track of their path. Carrying a map or GPS or compass may help you avoid this mishap. Study your map carefully while travelling, or I should say, study your GPS well.
  • First Aid Kit: Always carry a first aid kit for basic assistance in case of any emergency. Things like bandaids, cotton, antiseptics, medicines, etc. should be kept in your first aid kit.
  • Area exploration: First and foremost thing to do while camping is to explore the area thoroughly. You should know what lies around you and where you are going to set your tent/ shelter.


  • Shelter before sunset: It is very important to create/ find your shelter before sunset. The main benefits would be that you can find a place where there are fewer bugs and insects. And setting/ finding a tent/ shelter before sunset will minimise the difficulties faced in the dark.
  • Sleeping bag/ Mattress: Sleeping bag in winters and a foam mattress in summers is a must for your precious sleep. Your sleeping bag should be suitable for the conditions of your camping destination.
  • Clean the area while leaving: Keeping your surroundings clean is a very integral part of our life. It should be done while camping as well. Clean the place thoroughly when you leave the campsite. You should not leave behind any kind of garbage (like plastic bottles, plates, cans, etc) that may pollute the environment. Everybody loves a clean surrounding and environment. So, you should also pass it to others as well. Otherwise also we should keep in mind that camping is all about preserving nature.

These are some of the tips and guidelines to be kept in mind while preparing for camping. We are always happy to assist you to book camps online. Check out our website for best-camping destinations and experiences.

So, Pack your bags and Fly (but with all the essentials)!

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