About Campsvilla

Campsvilla- Have you ever felt that your much needed break from the stressful and banal home-office-home life could have been different? Have you ever felt that you could've had more peace and exposure to Nature during your retreat? Have you ever felt sick of the sparkling jacuzzi in your comfy room of the lavish five star hotel you booked while on a break, yearning the simplicity of the sparkling water meandering through chafed rocks cradling your relaxing body as you passively watch it gushing the maligned luxury of that five-star down with its flow? Have you ever felt while returning from the break that the natural wilderness conveniently outlawed by the "Hill-Station" was the real deal you just missed out on and ended up being the ordinary traveller? If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', then your mind is rightly taking you out of your comfort zone and into the territory of travellers out of the ordinary.

The latter shun the commonplace materialistic itinerary and choose to live in Nature's backyard in the same very wilderness outlawed by your average "Hill-Station". Yes, they choose the simple yet exclusive privilege of Camping in Tents in all the solitude for a unique experience crafted in and by Nature. If taking a much needed break from the unsparing city-life and spending more than you bargained again had you caught in the whirlwind of the everyday luxuries that it offers, what new are you in for? A break/retreat is to rejuvenate and relax your mind, after all. Camping provides you the opportunity to be a traveller beyond ordinary, is more economical and helps you get your bearings in order in a more natural way, so that you can easily drive through the rigours of city life. Take a REAL break, take to Camping.


Campsvilla helps you choose the most suitable Camping option out of all present there. We know that such is the way of modern life now that Time holds equal value as Money, if not less. So we just want to give you more value by saving the time and money spent by you in zeroing down upon the most suitable Camping option. We help you choose from all the Camps that meet our quality standards, giving you a real-time price, location, accessibility and facilities/offers comparison. We don't endorse any particular camp; we simply help you endorse the one for you!

We bring to you one of the most fascinating & breath-taking campsites which you would have never imagined -existed before, from all over the North Indian states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand & J-K. Team behind Camspvilla is a native to Himachal, this has helped us to get amazing campsites that were not even known to many people outside locals which gives us an edge to other Camp booking websites.

One life you got, you better lead it good, when it lays bare in Nature, it's best understood!