Campsvilla Blaze Campsite

₹ 1200 (Per person per night)

About Campsvilla Blaze Campsite

Campsvilla Blaze Campsite, nestled in the heart of nature, offers wooden cabins, tents, BYOTs (bring your own tent) for your camping adventure. Perfect as a location with road accessibility, it offers parking facilities as well. There’s no formal bar of the number of guests but accommodation space is for 25 guests. So you can come with family, friends, or solo for that matter and enjoy panoramic sights, calm and pleasant atmosphere far away from the clatter of cities. Barot village has everything in it nature lovers, adventure seekers look for.

The Space
  • Maximum Number of guests:

  • Accessbility:

    By road
  • Parking

  • Accomodation Type:

    Wooden Cabin, BYOT(Bring your own tent),
  • Check In / Out:

    12:00 PM / 12:00 PM
  • Campfire

  • Meals on order

  • Shower

  • Breakfast

  • Power Sockets

  • Toilet

  • Drinking Water

  • Pets allowed

  • Dinner

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The Space

Campsvilla Blaze Campsite is located in the panoramic valley of Barot. Barot is pristine, verdant, and has an array of attractions in its vicinity. Blaze Campsite has all amenities in it. For example, you can avail of its toilet facilities, campfires, order meals. Breakfast is also made available, besides drinking water. Importantly, you also get power sockets to charge electronic gadgets. If you’re a kind of pet lover, it’s your place to be at. It’s because here pets are allowed to stay.

Things to Do

After availing facilities, the matter still remains that what are the things you can do here at Barot? Well, at Barot, you go for a number of thrilling activities like a river crossing. Ever dreamt of crossing over suspension ropes pulled by a pully. Here you can turn that dream into reality. Ziplining is another recreational activity to take part in if you’re here at Barot. Trekking to the nearby mountains adds exponentially to the thrill of going camping vacation. Other things to do here include rock climbing, waterfall rappelling, fishing, and hiking.

Camping Rules
The Rules

1. Damaging the property, wildlife or polluting the water is absolutely forbidden.
2. Use of any illegal drugs,possession,distribution or selling is strictly prohibited.
3. Venturing away from the described path, or to other unspecified areas is not allowed.
4. The visitor shall be fully responsible for the gear and property allotted to him/her for use during the stay. If damaged, full recovery of damaged gear shall be made during check out.
5. Check In time is 1:00 PM & Check Out time is 12:00 PM.

6. Bonfire,DJ Music,Live Music, Barbecues are part of different campsites. Visitor has to follow that particular campsite rules and regulations regarding these amenities.
7. As a responsible traveler , please respect mother nature. Use minimal plastic during your stay by avoiding buying plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic plates. Your avoidance shall further help in reducing plastic wastes.
8. Dump all the waste in designated dust bins in campsite. If not there, request for one.
9. Local customs & traditions have to be respected and adhered to.


Campsvilla Blaze Campsite
Campsvilla Blaze Campsite
Campsvilla Blaze Campsite
Campsvilla Blaze Campsite
Campsvilla Blaze Campsite



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